Change In Boardroom - Dato' Goon Heng Wah

Sep 28, 2018
Date of change 28 Sep 2018
Age 62
Gender Male
Nationality Malaysia
Designation Director
Directorate Executive
Type of change Resignation

Revamp of Board composition for purposes of applying Practice 4.1 of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance which recommends that Board members of a Large Company to comprise a majority of independent directors

Details of any disagreement that he/she has with the Board of Directors No
Whether there are any matters that need to be brought to the attention of shareholders No



Major/Field of Study
Additional Information

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Polytechnic of South Bank, UK (now known as London South Bank University)


Working experience and occupation

A civil engineer, YBhg Dato Goon has many years of working experience in the fields of engineering, construction and infrastructure works and possesses a strong project implementation background. He held several senior management positions since joining Gamuda in 1978 and is responsible for overall oversight, including over the management and supervision of major projects such as the ongoing Klang Valley MRT project. YBhg Dato Goon also has substantial regional responsibilities for the Groups engineering and construction activities from India to the Middle East. His contribution is in his vast engineering expertise, in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the construction industry, in particular large-scale infrastructure project mobilisation and implementation.

Family relationship with any director and/or major shareholder of the listed issuer


Any conflict of interests that he/she has with the listed issuer


Details of any interest in the securities of the listed issuer or its subsidiaries

Direct interest:-
1. 15,628,300 shares; and
2. 2,741,600 Warrants 2016/202

1. Deemed interested via securities held in spouse's name:-
1. 5,755,432 shares; and
2. 1,000,000 Warrants 2016/2021.



Remarks :

YBhg Goon Heng Wah shall continue to be part of Gamuda Group's Key Senior Management Team and shall continue to hold the position as Executive Director of Gamuda.


Announcement Info

Stock Name GAMUDA
Date Announced 28 Sep 2018
Category Change in Boardroom
Reference Number C03-26092018-00023